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Paul Rosenberg

Board Member

Shortly after graduating Dickinson College in 1986, Paul began his business career in the telecom industry. As the result of telecom deregulation, Paul founded National Telecoin Corp (NTC); which developed into the largest independent privately owned payphone company in the country. NTC owned and operated more than 4500 phones in 5 states. As the industry began to mature and newer technologies evolved (cell phones), revenues ultimately began to decline. In response, Paul leveraged the operating infrastructure of NTC and began installing ATM and Air/Vac machines. Paul sold NTC in December 2007..

While still involved with the day-to-day operations at NTC, Paul identified another telecom opportunity in 1989. It too was the result of deregulation, but this time, in the long-distance business. He and his partner co-founded Tel-Save, later known as Talk America/ The company was a long-distance reseller that initially grew organically and subsequently through acquisitions. The company eventually went public in 1995 (ticker: TALK). Revenues grew to $300-$400 million annually, which created a company with a market cap exceeding One Billion dollars. The company created a significant amount of notoriety by giving AOL One Hundred Million dollars for the right to sell long distance (5 cents/ minute) to their subscribers. This created other sales/business relationships for AOL and eventually gave rise to internet sales / commissions / advertising models which are still in existence today.

Currently, Paul invests in and develops real estate in the Northeast region (New Jersey / Pennsylvania) as well as, the Southeast Coast of Florida.